Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lucette Cyber Warrior Collection

Guess what...! Lucette's SS 2010 collection is called Cyber Warrior, and is apparently designed for princesses on a Galaxy Quest, and was inspired by Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner and Lara Croft in Tomb Raider.... 

I loooooved Blade Runner- Deckard is definately Harrison Ford's best role hands down in my opinion- (I know I know, he was in Star Wars and Indiana Jones), as Blade Runner is still so incredible, as it is challenging and relevant to ethics of technology and the direction our society appears to be heading towards, with climate change and small-mindedness almost 30 years later.... 

Also, despite Lucette not mentioning Battlestar Galactica as an inspiration, they named these items after the series, which is Awesome...Although i think they are more Cylon than Starbuck!!!

Battlestar Dress (AUD $299)
Galactica Blazer (AUD $299)
Galactica Dress (AUD $279)

All from Lucette

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