Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Think Contemporary" Upcycled Furnishings

I stumbled upon this post on Design*Sponge (one of my favourite blogs/websites) and I really love the idea.

 Joanne and Anthony run "Think Contemporary" which is an interior design and architecture company based in Dublin, where they have recently branched out into 'upcycling' old furniture into beautiful creations such as this...
The dresser was redone with paint and vinyl which has turned a old *blah* piece of furniture into practical art.

I think its really interesting the way that quite a depressing streetscape such as this one, powerlines at the forefront, grey, dreary housing etc can be so visually arresting... the stylised sun is such a focal point because of the unexpected pop of colour it gives to the drawers.

I really really love this piece of furniture and potentially may have a go at something similar myself at home :)

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