Wednesday, February 23, 2011

South America holiday....

So I've been incredibly lazy about posting anything recently because I have no internet connection anymore... I've been trying (albeit unsuccessfully) to get a legal internship so that i can graduate but it seems to be taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R gar.... Anyway, so I am officially unemployed for the first serious amount of time since I was 17 and it's scary.... and BORING... I mean there is only so much sitting at home a person can do without getting frustrated with the monotony of it all! I could never be long-term unemployed! The worst thing is trying to get the legal internship, if it was just getting a job I wouldn't have had such an issue, but getting a start in law seems to be particularly hard living in a relatively small area such as Newcastle, where most law firms seem to focus on either commercial or family/criminal law, and these just aren't areas that really interest me that much!! Anyway, to stave off the boredom, I've been planning a holiday we will be (hopefully!) taking in October, once I've been admitted into the NSW Supreme court as a solicitor... Although I think I will miss another university graduation, as they are usually held at the end of October from what I remember...  ... Maybe I'll just hire a gown one time and take photos in it and pretend I sat through the ceremony and got my degree on stage in front of a massive hall full of people like everyone else does :)

Anyway, i've discovered this travel blog by a couple who have done a fair amount of backpacking, so enjoy their pictures (from Ardiuu's Flikr account via here), and check out their blog for all their incredible stories right here at Two backpackers

Another helpful South America travel blog I've found is via here, which focuses on traveling with your partner in crime, which obviously apart from being a really fun experience carries with it some added complexities such as... getting sick of each other and being a long way from home if things go to shit!
Anyway here are some amazing photos from their travels to make you insanely jealous!

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