Monday, November 8, 2010

Rug with industrial print

I found this rug on the NY Times site
Its the outline of an electrical transformer that hold up power lines.  I guess it would match the Think Contemporary upcycled cabinet with the powerlines vinyl print...

The rug was designed (no joke) by a man called Randy Twaddle (like Russell Brand said to FiFi Box what would your porn star name be? lol).

Twaddle was "drawn to the unintended elegance of the transformers and the lyrical quality of the power lines.”And I agree with him, the industrial nature of this rug, and the vinyl print from the Think Contemporary cabinet are beautiful in their industrialism, the lines are almost abstract when viewed in this graphic print on the rug...

The idea reminds me of that scene in Ameican Beauty where the freaky kid films the plastic bag against the brick wall... In some ways it is sad that that something like thiscan be considered beautiful, but then this is outweighed by the gritty urban scene where the bag floating in the wind becomes mesmerising....


  1. The rug is beautiful. I want one like this!

    xoxo Unconfined

  2. This print is very creative and different..
    Funny thing - when I first looked at it, I thought of nature) Jungle type of print.