Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

I just felt like sharing this photo of Port Moresby looking into the Harbour, which I took on our recent holiday to Papua New Guinea, where we did the Kokoda Track (you can read about that here...).

I know it's not a picturesque photo by any standards, but I love how the many contrasts of PNG can be summed up in this... The shiny skyscraper/hotel contrasted with the abandonded building on the left... The chaotic road and the guys hitching a ride in the back of the ute versus the chained off footpath to protect the pot plants and the serenity mountains in the background and the harbour... with the (presumably) Malaysian fishing/logging ships coming to dock... I love the powerlines everywhere, when so many people can't even afford electricity...

I jsut realised I've posted like my third electricity line themed post for the week- sorry- I guess living with an electrician has inspired me lol....

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