Thursday, October 28, 2010

Apartment Gardening....

So its very hard to see pictures like this :

Photo from Martyn Lawrence-Bullard
Because when you live in an apartment, the 'garden' inevitably is more likely to end up looking more like this...

 Photos (except for the top one) are from the 16 House blog which i love... (I'm pretty sure.. eep) it always has cute pics and lovely interiors to salivate over...This tin can bucket thingamy herb garden idea is nice, but we live too close to the beach and get too much rain so they would rust all over the outside rental beige/white/ugly tiles.. 

So instead for our balcony I got a whole heap of terracotta pots from  Bunnings... the cheapest ones they had (helloooo I'm still a uni student technically so i'm allowed to be on a budget and buy mass-produced pots imported from Vietnam OK...ah my carbon footprint sucks these days) Anyway I'm going to be working on our greenspace over the weekend by trying to jazz it up a bit, because, WAIT FOR IT... now we have our supersized caveman he-man BBQ set up (with one plate dedicated to vegetarian ONLY...!!) we're going to be spending a whole lot of time outside!!

It sucks a bit though because although we have three balconies, (I know, I know, we only have three- poor, poor me) one can only be accessed by going through the Spaz's room and is liklik tru (aw I miss you PNG I liked speaking tok pisin again while we were there) (oh liklik tru means really small) so not much good for anything.  The other medium-size but still small balcony is where we have to put our 10 million clothes horses (another downfall of living in an apartment means no washing line...and I am way too eco-conscious *ahem stingey* to let anyone use the clothes dryer- What haven't you heard of global warming???) .

So we are left with one biggish balcony which is really really lovely, faces north plenty of sunlight and sea-breezes... except that when it rains (and it seems to be raining soooooooo much lately, I know I know its Australia think of the bleeping farmers) the whole area gets saturated and windblown, so our poor little plants have to be quite hardy.... but we're giving it a go anyway!!

I love the Twinnings tins on the window sill, so I maybe will steal that idea... although I might have to make do with tomato tins (again the budget!!). Oh yeah BTW its not me in that photo because my watering can is awesome and bright red!! (Oh yeah also from Bunnings...yeahyeah Lulu- I know I'm turning into both my mother AND my grandmother hahaha...)
I randomly found a photo of herb tins (from A Beach Cottage) woohoo, although I guess I'm not so original afterall dammit lol.....

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