Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Karnivool Themata

I Loved the Karnivool gig I saw recently in Newy, it was a fantastic show, and Ian Kenny can sing holy shit.  I don't know why but there was this thing with the lyrics that sounded sort of preaching? It's sort of pissed me off a bit since... I get if we are bowing down to the gods of rock because they were so impressive- but if they are some sort of Christian band it will kill me... I can't stand being preached to when I go see live music.... Sort of like with Ignite, we all went through that phase with loving Zoli and playing them non-stop, but the second time we saw them play all the Christian references really got in the way of enjoying the music... *sigh* its hard being a non-believer when it gets in the way of your bands!!

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